Modernist is a business that sells and restores mid-century,  and Danish mid century furniture.  Mødernist values close relationships with its customers and audience. As a business and a brand, Modernist respects their customers and cares about their privacy.

Modernist does not share your information.

Your information from an in store visit, sales or sales query, newsletter subscription, contact information from an online advert will never be shared with another brand or business without your consent.

3rd party advertisers or consultants work with our customer’s information in a controlled setting. 


Social media marketing can involve receiving people’s contact information or a cookie being placed on their computer.

From time to time emails may be sent to customers who are interested in hearing about new products.

Customer emails may be used to create audiences for Facebook & Instagram marketing.

Cookies may be used for marketing and re-marketing, enhancing the user experience experience and ensuring that users receive the kinds of ads and content they are interested in.

Can you request that MØdernist remove your personal information?

Yes, please email info@modernist.biz and your information will be removed from email databases, marketing and content lists.

If you have responded to an advert with your contact information and wish to remove your contact information from any lists, the Mødernist team will be happy to do so.